• Single user license copy

• SqlServer database

• Single & Multiple correct answer

• Compatible to Any scanner

Admission Package: -(Mandatory)

Creation of sessions and batches

Creation of admission streams

Complete admission software for students’ admission to different streams and batches

Modification of students’ data whenever required

Addition and extraction of students’ photo

Examination(OMR) Package : -

Maintaining examination schedules

Three different patterns of examination

Objective type examination

- Evaluation of multiple choice type answer sheets using OMR technology

- One design OMR sheet

- Equal mark distribution for all questions

- Integer mark distribution for all questions (from 1 to 9)

- Printing of mark sheets – Roll number wise, exam wise and group wise

- Printing topper’s photos on mark sheet

- Printing of progress reports (weekly, monthly, from any month to ant month – Roll number wise and group wise)

- Importing and modifying correct answers of any exam

- Deleting examinations that are no longer in use

- Arranging questions in difficulty order

- Creating log for rejected answer sheets

- Withholding results for wrong roll numbers on OMR sheets

• Configurable Entities:

- ‘n’ number of User defined Subjects for different semester for different Programs

- ‘n’ number of Subject Attachments

- User-friendly marks settings system for different exam terms for different Programs

- Subject priorities setting for appearance in Mark Sheet and other reports

• Marks Entry

- Marks Entry -Subject wise

• Evaluation of multiple choice type answer

• Equal mark distribution for all questions

• Different mark distribution for each questions

• Support for single correct answer

• Support for more than one correct answer as recommended by IIT/AIEEE

• Support for single question set

• Support for multiple question sets

• Support for fractional mark distribution

• Support for viewing question paper and answer sheet in one page

• Support for different patterns of examination

• Multi user support as it is web based

• Saving correct answers for future reference

Features: -

• Facility for group addition.

• Facility for contact addition.

• Facility for sending single SMS.

• Facility for sending bulk (Multiple) SMS.

• Facility for sending Attendance details of whole students.

• Facility for sending Mark sheet of whole students.

• Facility for sending Book return delay of students.

• Facility for checking SMS balance in your account.

Reports: -

• SMS History.

• Contact Detail group wise.

Features: -

• Stream creation

• Subject creation

• Question type creation

• Difficulty level creation.

• Creation of chapter corresponds to the subject.

• Facility for question and answer addition of objective as well as subjective questions.

• Facility for modification of Question and answer whenever required

• Facility for adding images, equation and text in a single question.

• Facility for changing color, font, alignment.

• Facility for importing question from any word file or txt file.

• Facility for preparation of question by selecting your own choice

• Facility for saving the prepared file in word, notepad, web page format

• Facility for Preparation of Question set as well as answers set if required.

• Facility for Preparation of objective as well as subjective questions preparations.

• Facility for Printing the Question and Answer.

• Facility for user creation and user authentication.

• Facility for Automatic question and Answer preparation.

• Facility for No of Set of Question and Answer Sheet Preparation.

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