Our Process:

Planing is an important phase of developing, a good strategy leads to a Quality Product. Hence Goutam's Technoware Solutions follows a strict " WORK PLAN " to give quality service to our clients.

Preliminary Research & Documentation

In this Phase GTS team underline and determines to come clear on the project's goal and the functions . Gathering of information and analysis of the Client's requirement is also done and documented in this phase.


Initiation is the first phase in the Development and essentially involves starting up the project. GTS project team initiate's a project by defining its purpose and scope, the justification for initiating it and the solution to be implemented. GTS recruit a suitably skilled project team, and perform an end of Phase Review.


Once project is defined and suitable team is assembled, GTS Project Team enter into in-depth Development Planning phase. This involves creating the Project Management Plan, in order to guide the team during the project development and after. We will define the Required Skills of development team.


Closure involves releasing the final product to the client, GTS Project Mangnagement Team hands over project documentation and help Manuals to our Client.